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"Where tradition and science merge out of respect for the human being"

Your guide to Phyto- and Orthomolecular recipe

  • Hundreds of Western and Chinese custom formulas
  • Mycological products (mushrooms)
  • Orthomolecular products
  • Therapeutic care-products

You ask, we make it custom

The NatuurApotheek is a licensed pharmacy, the only one fully specialized in herbal recipe. Prescribers can have custom made recipes composed, consisting of completely unique formulas, fully focused on the needs of an individual patient. The proper use of controlled and safe medicines can enhance wellbeing and the healing process of a patient. Knowledge and the use of appropriate diagnosis and medicines/formulas in the correct dosages remain the most important tool, not only to be effective but also to achieve cost-saving results. 

"Poison" is still a matter of size: to swallow much can be harmful, to swallow little has no effect.

The NatuurApotheek strives to meet all aspects mentioned in the Western and Chinese Pharmacopoeia. Each Pharmacopoeia contains some four hundred items multiplied by all forms of dosage such as tinctures, liquid extracts, hydrophilic concentrates, dried extracts, raw herbs and topical compounds: a service where custom recipes are honored. The NatuurApotheek now has about 3000 items of controlled, natural resources in stock. Safety and quality are the heaviest criteria in dispense as well as delivery. In its own database, possible contraindications and side effects are kept up to date.


The NatuurApotheek is a real pharmacy with AGB code, led by pharmacist Edwin Lipperts. Already in 1982 Charles and Nicole Wauters started providing herbal compounds from their regular public pharmacy. In 2002 this led to an independent branch, The NatuurApotheek in Pijnacker. The NatuurApotheek is now formed by a team of employees, pharmacy assistants and our pharmacist Edwin Lipperts. The team has chosen as mission: to deliver a maximum contribution to the quality of the complementary naturopathy so that ancient and modern pharmaceutical knowledge will meet. 

BIG registration Edwin Lipperts: 29044102017 

Click here for the AGB code of The NatuurApotheek (10040)
Click here for the AGB code Edwin Lipperts (2080605)

Objectives of the NatuurApotheek:

Honor custom recipes on pharmaceutical level

The NatuurApotheek tries to maintain the widest possible range of natural resources. This gives the practitioner the freedom to prescribe all kinds of formulas to expand a familiar formula with one or more ingredients to the individual needs of the patient. A quick and reliable delivery of every recipe or compound. 

We try to help as best and fast as possible. Prescription orders, which arrive at us before 12 hours, by fax, mail, email or telephone, are generally processed and shipped by TNT Post the same day. However it does not work always. You can inform your patient that the order can be expected at home within 3 days.

Quality and Safety; continuity and conformity

As is customary in pharmacy, the NatuurApotheek works exclusively with controlled raw materials provided with a certificate of analysis. The analyses must comply with monographs of the European Pharmacopoeia, other in Europe recognized pharmacopoeia or a monograph that meets the latest scientific standards. As a result, the safety is optimally ensured. 

The NatuurApotheek also aims to monitor and guide the safety of prescription. Interactions and contraindications are indicated with the deliverance as much as possible. Interactions reported to the NatuurApotheek are registered and processed.
The weighing of dry extracts (granulates) in personal recipes is completely automated with us. Our MixRobot has a name, full name HERBI QQ400 and in the daily life Herbi.
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Added value in health care

The quality of health care in the Naturopathy has high priority for the NatuurApotheek. Therefore it supports substantively educations, courses and research. The educational level of employees, direct contacts and involvement with associations and institutes, nationally and internationally, ensure a qualified high level of knowledge.

Interaction with therapists, doctors and pharmacists

The NatuurApotheek, interacting with therapists and physicians, tries to enhance the quality and safety of naturopathy, without ignoring the allopathic possibilities. The basic principle is: "the patient is helped with the correct diagnosis, the right treatment and the right compound". For two decades, the NatuurApotheek was the younger sister of the 'normal' pharmacy. Management and employees are therefore familiar with the regular approach in any case. This knowledge of both worlds makes a close interaction possible between the regular and additive field.

Advice and information

For information on recipes and formulations we are available. It is best to ask your questions in writing. You can also make an appointment with us in the NatuurApotheek.

Sales conditions

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