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Volatile Fatty Oils

We distinguish:

  • Ethereal oils and gels
  • Aromatic waters
  • Base oils or massage oils
  • Oil infusions
  • Bath oil

Ethereal oils and gels

Most herbs derive their scent from ethereal or aromatic oils. They are volatile and not greasy. Ethereal oils are used preventive and therapeutically for thousands of years already. The NatuurApotheek has an extensive range of very high quality. These oils are deliverable as pure or incorporated in a carrier such as a syrup or a base oil. But we can also encapsulate them with the benefits of accurate dosing and ease of taking. A particular form produced by the NatuurApotheek is the gelled oil. These gels have a concentration greater than 90% pure oil, and they feel like ointment.

Aromatic waters

Ethereal oils are soluble in water by a detour. The NatuurApotheek does this with a process which is described in the Pharmacopoeia and for which only the most purest oil and the most purest water may be used. The advantage of an aromatic water is that it - with its therapeutic effect - can be used as a care product. For example, as a mouthwash, mouth spray, air freshener, facial or bath lotion.

Base oils or massage oils

A base oil is - other than ethereal oil - fat and virtually odorless. Base oil is used to dissolve into other substances, or to blend with them, but also used as a lubricant for massage. For this purpose paraffin oil or semisynthetic oil is used, but many prefer a pure vegetable oil. That should be not only very pure and cold pressed, but also absolutely fresh. The NatuurApotheek guarantees these qualities.

Oil infusions

As you can make an extract of an herb with water or an alcohol-water mixture, you can also make an extract of an herb with oil. This is called an oil infusion. Notable examples are Marigold oil, Arnica oil and St John's Wort oil. Oil-infusions are intended for external use only.

Bath oil

Particularly vegetable oils are suitable to be transformed into bath oil. Here again it is possible to process oils and plant extracts. A useful and enjoyable application form! 

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