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Custom made compounding of

Orthomolecular remedies  

In the self-care circuit, following the single vitamins and minerals, combinations and formulations are highly increased. However, the need of the orthomolecular medicine goes beyond. 

A very individualized formula is desirable for many patients. The orthomolecular pharmaceutical industry offers all possibilities for this purpose. The NatuurApotheek has almost all the raw materials where orthomolecular medicine is working with. The prescriber determines the composition and dosage, the NatuurApotheek takes care of the preparation. An individually custom made formula means a significant reduction in strain for the user. Some patients have to swallow up to thirty standard tablets and -capsules per day. Through clever combinations and adjusted doses, our pharmacy can reduce such a bulk to a few capsules.

  • Highly qualified orthomolecular standard products from various suppliers
  • In principle, the NatuurApotheek delivers all preparations which are available on the Dutch marke
  • For the remedies of a number of brands/suppliers, we are counting with 25% discount on the consumer-price on your recipe

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