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Mycological products (mushrooms)



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For already 3000 years the Chinese use and revere certain mushrooms because they support the immune system and as such improve the health and quality of life.

The most famous medicinal mushrooms, which are often used in the kitchen in too low doses are: Reishi, Shiitake and Maitake. They detoxify and possess antioxidant properties and are used in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) for more than 1000 years. Because of their exceptional components and properties they are also called ‘Power-fungi’. These mushrooms have all the eight essential amino acids and have a high content of iron, selenium and B vitamins. Of great importance is their high content of polysaccharides. These have an immune stimulant effect. They are therefore not only curative but also used preventively if one needs an immune stimulating therapy.

Since the fifties, studies are conducted (Waldron and Selvendram 1993), especially to the investigation with polysaccharides. These are large, branched molecules, which are composed of smaller units of sugar molecules. These studies, including those of John Tindall (Gateway Clinic, London) prove that these molecular structures have a health-promoting effect. 

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Thesaurus of various mushrooms